Pick any 5 packages of meat, mix or match, with our “Pick 5” label on it and pay only $19.99 – regardless of individual package price! Our cashier will put the 5 packages together on one charge for $19.99. It does not matter what the individual package total adds up to be. You must buy 5 packages to get the special pricing and each package must have the a red “Pick 5” label on it. Quantities less than 5 packages will be rung up at the regular price for each item. You can buy 5 different varieties or 5 of the same item or mix and match – your choice. Varieties will change daily due to availability.

We Guarantee Our Meat & Produce Are Fresh! Our customers demand fresh meat and produce for their meals. Dave’s Super Duper has a huge selection of fruits and vegetables both local and from around the world. We’ll go that extra step to make certain the foods you set out for your family are the very best available. In fact, we guarantee it will be fresh. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the freshness of our meats or produce, bring it back and we’ll refund your money. You can feel comfortable with the great quality you get from Dave’s Super Duper! Need a special cut of meat? Just ask one of our trained butchers to help you. We will
custom cut your meat just the way you like it…at no additional charge!

A wonderful selection of fresh fruits and vegetables awaits you at Dave’s Super Duper!

Our produce department is a cornicopia of the freshest flavors you’ll find anywhere.


Great Alternatives To High Priced National Brands, Dave’s Super Duper helps keep your food costs in line with several private brands that save you money without sacrificing the quality for you and your family. We don’t just have good values in the store, we have Great Values and our store brands are a big part of helping you save!

Essential Everyday…Compare Quality And Keep The ChangeYou’ll discover the Essential Everyday brand of quality products in many aisles of our stores. See for yourself…all Essential Everyday items carry a satisfaction guarantee on them. If for any reason you are not satisfied, bring it back for a full refund!

But wait, there’s even more savings with these other great store brands…

Dave’s Super Duperoffers superior store brands that gives you and alternative to national brands without sacrificing the quality you expect from Dave’s Super Duper! And remember, you don’t need a card to enjoy these savings!

  • Super Chill Brand – Great tasting soda at a great price!
  • Super Crunch Brand – Our delicious line of snack foods including potato chips, corn chips, and tortilla chips at a price you will enjoy!
  • Carlita Brand – We offer the Carlita brand of mexican foods so you can enjoy great taste and great savings!
  • Stone Ridge Brand – The next time you crave some ice cream, check out our Stone Ridge brand. Lots of flavors and lots of savings!
  • Healthy Generation Brand Of Medicines – Save on medicines you can trust. Our Healthy Generation cold, flu, and allergy medicines are a great value!
  • Daily Source Brand Of Vitamins – Our great value alternative line of vitamins will keep your wallet healthy, too!


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